Wednesday, October 7, 2009


For the first time ever, this year I entered a quilt in the fair. Actually, because we now have TWO fairs, the Delta Fair and the Mid-South Fair, I entered it in both. The Delta Fair was first...Labor Day weekend and the following week. I won a blue ribbon on my quilt, Tastes Like Chicken! This was a little surprising, since this is a really odd quilt. It is dark...who makes a brown quilt?...and it has frogs and dragonflies and painting on it, which is NOT like what I usually see at the fair.
When the Delta Fair was over, I picked up my quilt only to take it the very same day to drop it off at the Mid-South Fair. Well, that one was over this past weekend, so on Monday, I went to pick it up...the fair was held in Mississippi this year, just south of Memphis, so I had to drive a long way to get there! But I won several ribbons this time: a blue ribbon, a best of show, and a chairman's choice! How cool is that? Apparently the judges at the Mid-South Fair liked it better than the ones at the Delta Fair! And I almost didn't enter the second one, since it was farther away...


Sew4Fun said...

Wow, congrats Trish!! Very cool and great achievement.

Btw, your DS toe shoes are rather strange, although I'm sure they have a purpose but what that is I don't know. Maybe surfing on coral reefs or something. The mind boggles. ;)

Trish said...

Thanks, Belinda! Isn't it sad that I NEED validation!?! ;)

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