Friday, July 11, 2014

Sewing Room Tour

Here is my new sewing room!
It is a big one...23 by 19 feet, with TWO large closets!

The sewing room is the large room over the garage, at the end of a hall...the previous owners used it as a media room.  Here is the view from the door:

Now, look to the right...there are a couple of recliners for resting, reading or viewing TV.

Beyond the chairs, my L-shaped sewing desk holds my machines and stuff.
Beyond that, there is a small table holding an iron and some cases.
I didn't clean up the room for these pictures nor did I stage things (those bras behind the serger were already there awaiting repair!), so some things just need to be overlooked! :)

Continuing to move LEFT, you see my long arm sewing machine (for quilting) in front of four windows.  Again, staging would have required that all blinds on those windows be pointed the same way.  Sigh.

There is an ironing board temporarily placed in front of the long arm...I am putting some piecing there as I finish sewing each one.
I guess I should have picked up that plastic bag in the floor, eh?

To the left of the long arm is one of the closets...the larger one.  It was a room...and I moved furniture into it.  I'll show you an inside shot in a minute

You can see my big cutting table in the foreground, covered with my latest project. 
This table divides the room into two for working and the other for not working. :)
Also, there is a chest next to the closet doors.  It is a cheap piece of furniture that I have had since I was a child...purchased at Woolco...and it has had to be glued back together more than once. 
I don't is worth the trouble

See both closets now?  The door to the left one is closed.

Beyond (to the left of) that second closet is my TV (which is across the room from the recliners) and next to it is the bathroom.
I am toying with the idea of swapping the recliners and the TV...flipping that side of the room.

Now that I have turned around, you can see out the door we came in.  
The bathroom on the right is also open to the bedroom...see the door in the hallway?  We use that room as our office.

Oh, and the dress form is not usually in the middle of the room!  I have been working on that dress.

Above is a charity quilt I am making...loaded on the long arm.
It isn't beautiful but I didn't choose the fabrics! ;)
I cut the pieces using the WINDING WAY die and my AccuQuilt GO cutter.  It was the first time to use the GO, plus, I had never made a WINDING WAY pattern before so doing it for charity takes the pressure off!

This is another shot of my sewing desk area.  The long arm is to the left, behind that ironing board covered in strata..this is the beginning of a colorful 'spool' quilt.
Here you can see the entry door...double doors.  That doorway just beyond the doors opens to a 3rd floor attic, and there is another door to the left of that one that leads to a 2nd floor sewing room is on the second floor.
I had to buy a new cutting mat for the table when we moved.  My old one disintegrated when the movers tried to touch it!  It was very old and brittle. 
Inside the larger closet, I installed some shelves over a couple of cabinets.  I have fabric in those bins...threads for the long arm are on the shelves.  On the counter sits a brand new Brother Scan  Cut that is still wrapped in plastic, awaiting my use!  in the floor beyond the green cabinet is an AccuQuilt GO die cutter.
This is the other side of that closet,  These cubbies were stored in the attic at my previous home because the sewing room walls were too short for them.  Here, they can finally be used!  They need painting their former life, they were JEANS display racks at JCPenney.
Eventually, these cubbies will be better organized but for now, my stuff is out of boxes and findable!
This is the inside of the other closet.  It has shelves on the left and back walls, but not the right wall.
This room had carpet when we bought the house, but we had it removed and had wooden flooring installed.  I love the ease of cleaning up a wood floor as opposed to carpet!
The card table was brought in for a project that has yet to even be started but like all horizontal surfaces, it is collecting more than its share of 'stuff'.
Here is the dress I am working on.  See?  The lining at the neckline is free and the pleats are being adjusted to alter the size of the neckline.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this little visit! 
Next time, perhaps I'll make tea!

Testing the upload

Here are a couple of test photos...tiny toads that are everywhere in our new yard! We call them snake bait...because we have also seen two snakes here!

I'm baaaaaaack!

Well, spank me has been a REALLY long time since I posted!
Yep, life gets busy.
We bought a new sewing room (with a house attached) and moved in December, 2013, and it is taking a while to get back into the swing of things.
I am doing some sewing, addition to a bunch of ither things. So far, we have not painted the new house...just moved our stuff in...but I am trying to decide which rooms and what colors to change first.
I'm gonna try to give a little tour of my new sewing room...i say "try" because I am doing this from the Ipad.
See? That is one of the reasons I don't post just takes SO LONG to resize each and every picture! It is far easier to post on Facebook, where the pictures upload so easily and resize automagically! But I will give it a go...!
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