Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Show-n-Tell

Ya know, I forgot to show you the things I got from the very FIRST booth I visited!!! This booth, called Quilt Tapestry Studio, is where Wendy Richardson dyes all kinds of new and vintage textiles. I bought several pieces of fabric, as well as several scrap bags...containing a variety of small pieces. I just loved her crocheted/lace pieces! And I picked up one pair of her colorful bamboo socks for a Christmas gift.

When you visit her website, be sure to check out that close-up image of 'Summer Bouquet', the quilt that hangs in her booth. It is awesome! Made from her dyed fabrics and vintage laces and crocheted pieces...look at all that beautiful rayon seam tape that meanders around the piece! And the rick rack...oh my!

Here are the beads I bought, that I mentioned in my previous post.

The faux pearls came from Melek Karacan. I really don't have a special need for these, but I loved them and wanted them!

I was actively looking for leaf beads and finally found them at the Bowerbirds booth. I had picked out 3 different colors of green to buy. While writing up my order, she remembered another batch of leaves she had that was not on display, so she just threw in a string of that color for free! How nice is that? It was the olive ones, in the top right. So I also bought a string of turtle beads...hey! I just couldn't resist!

Here is a closer look at the turtles...the flash creates a glare.

I love turtles...they are at home whereever they go!


Kelly said...

love, Love, LOVE the turtle beads!!!

Marilyn said...

Good stuff and thank you for gifting a bit of it to me.

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