Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teal Tie-front Sweater

I am planning to attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston next week.

Yesterday, I decided I needed something to wear on the plane that I could take off if it was too warm, so I pulled out a UFO!

Back in 2005, I created a pattern for a tie-front sweater. I had even cut it out, but never sewed it...I had decided to wait until I got a coverstitch machine, to sew those edges.

Well, I have one now so I decided, WHAT THE HECK! Time to sew that puppy!

Yeah, the measurements probably aren't what I'd use today, and the pattern was created similarly to the dartless tops I have done (where the front shoulder is very steep...still haven't shown that pattern!)...but it was *there* so I sewed it!

It was almost fun!

I pulled it out of a box in a cabinet and serged it together with a 4-thread stitch in practically no time!

Then I machine-basted all around the edges at 3/8", to give me a line to follow to 'turn' under the edge for coverstitching. Before coverstitching, I mitered (on the sewing machine) the seam allowances at the points of the ties, then I pinned the edges under and coverstitched along the entire outer edge...including sleeve hems...and voila! it was done.

And it fits!

Well, kinda.

Good enough!

And took only a little time!!!

No ripping every other seam... :)

No I have to come up with something to wear with it!

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