Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Ba-aaaack!

There is nothing like coming home from a long trip! Even if your accomodations were lovely (which they were), and your traveling companion was delightful (which she was), and you really had a great time (which I did), there STILL comes a point at which you long to be home!

And now I am!

Home, that is.

It is late and I am tired, but I look forward to telling about my experiences at the International Quilt Show in Houston, as well as showing some of the things I saw and bought, along with some of the people I met!

But for now, check out these lovely images.....this is my traveling companion, Etta McFarland, finishing her water before going through security at the Houston Airport (Bush Intl).

Etta and I couldn't resist hamming it up a bit while waiting at the gate. Turns out, it was the WRONG gate...well, it started out right, but then they changed gates on us, so we had to grab our stuff and hike to a different area of the airport. We both look like we need some 'special' help!

The plane was a small one...we had both chosen aisle seats (across from each other) but it turned out that my side of the aisle had only ONE seat per row...that's how small the plane was! So mine was an aisle seat AND a window seat!

This is the view on take-off, as we were leaving the Houston area.

Traveling east(-ish) from Arkansas, we cross the Misssissippi River into Tennessee.

We are descending to land in Memphis!

More later! I'm gonna crash now that I am on land! ;)


Marilyn said...

I know you girlz had a wild and crazy time at the quilt show. It was so much fun to hear about it today.

ettam said...

OMG!! That poor girl on the left looks like she needs a telethon! It's nice the home let her out for a little trip.

Shirley said...

Trish, wonderful review of your trip. I have just got to go to Houston before I sign off. I was impressed with the blocks made from that yuk pink/black fabric. I loved the tree and faucet. You did a great job on such a task. Fun! Fun! Fun! Shirley

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