Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kevin's shoes

My son came over to cut the grass...he lives downtown closer to the medical center, but still comes 'home' to cut our grass and that of our next-door neighbor.

Well, he was wearing the oddest shoes!
The are called VibramFiveFingers.

These are 'toe shoes'...remember the 'toe-socks' of the 70's? Well, imagine a pair of those where the wearer has walked through a tray of 'tool-dip'!
The bottoms are kind of a hard rubbery stuff, yet flexible enough that you almost feel like you are barefoot!
Yep, I tried them on...but my feet didn't even reach the toe part of his size 12-13 shoes! I had to skooch my foot way in there to get any of my toes into the shoe's toe area. He is also wearing toe socks inside the toe shoes...what else!?
He DIDN'T wear these to cut the grass, though. He bought them for workouts, although apparently they are marketed as mulit-use.

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