Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Itsy Bitsy Spider Quilt

Yep, I am still here.
And I have just found an easier way to post to the blog!  I am using a Blogger App for iPad and this is my first attempt.  Let's cross our fingers that this works.

I have recently finished a small strip quilt...a spider web quilt.  I planned the strip placement in this, though, as opposed to making it scrappy.

I love to see the texture of a quilt once it has been washed!

This one was double batted...one layer of cotton and one layer of thin polyester.  I wanted it to be washable (it's a baby quilt) but I also love the crinkle that cotton provides after washing, so I used both.

This is the first quilt I have quilted in quite a while.  I have been working in other things lately...sewing, yes, but mostly slow piecing.

I alternated the wedges to give each spiderweb a bit more interest.

I really like the brown fabric that the kites (four "kites" make a star) provide!  Actually, the size of this quilt was determined by the amount of brown fabric I had!

The back fabric represents the rain...see the droplets?

Because the seams were pressed open during construction, I was concerned about the stability of the piecing.  So, in addition to the spider webs, I heavily quilted the center of the stars made by the kites, sewing a circle filled with pebbles...or water droplets.  That should prevent any seams from separating over time.

In the outer border I quilted a trio of swirly lines and droplets to represent the rain which comes down and washes the spider out.

I made faux piping on the binding, which allows the whole quilt to be done by machine.  I strongly dislike doing handwork!  From the back, you only see the brown binding, but on front there is a blue flange between the binding and the body of the quilt.

While they don't know it yet, this quilt will be given to my son and daughter in law who has just given birth to my grandson!  Yep, he was born 5 weeks early and weighed only 5# 2oz, but he was perfect!  He is now 4weeks old...still one week shy of his due date!  

I need to get that baby a loofah! 

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