Saturday, October 24, 2009

Show and Tell

Here is a little 'show-n-tell' of stuff I bought at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last week.

From Pro Chemical, I bought a RAINBOW GRADATION DYEING kit, in the color EARTHY BLEND. This is enough to dye 30 fat eighths (9" by 22"). Since I am a novice when it comes to dying, I thought a kit might be a good start. However, I also bought a 2 oz. container each of GOLDEN YELLOW, INTENSE BLUE, and FUCHSIA. These are kinda 'primary-ish' colors, so I figure I can mix to make just about anything I want. I also bought 8 oz of PAIST MIX (used to thicken dyes if desired) and it's also used with the THIOX...Thio Urea Dioxide...that I bought to make discharge paste. I plan on having some fun with fabrics!

From Laura Murray Designs, I bought a set of 12 Shiva Paintstiks,
which I have been wanting for years now! But I also bought 3 additional colors which are new and not included in that set of iridescents.

From Pinwheels Trading Company, I fell for the Japanese fabrics called Daiwabo. I bought several fat quarters and a half-yard piece and a kit to make a small bag. After making my initial purchase, I went back for seconds, geting a kit to make a small quilt! I am not normally a 'kit' person, but I am learning to be one!

I also loved the fabrics at! Here again, I went back for seconds. I got three fat quarters in the white/golds, as well as a roll of 15-- 9" x 11" batiks in a golden/terra cotta range. But I was also drawn to those 'blenders'...and had to pick up a bundle of darks!

Ooops! I see I have included that smaller bundle in this picture...that was a mistake. It came from Back Door Quilts, and should be in the picture with the next items. This little bundle is in taupes, grays, blues and browns...with some green designs on some of them.

Also from Back Door Quilts, I bought a kit to make a 'penny-rug' style sewing roll-up case, called "My Little Chickadee". Again, not my usual M.O. to work from a kit (nor to do handwork!), but this will give me a project to work on when riding in the car on road trips.

I also got a BALI POP, a precut collection of 40 different 2½" x 44" batik fabric strips. This one is the SPUMONI collection.

Well, phooey! My photo of the lovely rayon batiks just disappeared! I'll try to get it back, but picturess act crazy when they are 'moved' after might not enlarge.
Here it is...I reloaded...cross your fingers.
I found the blue fabric first, then when I saw the purple dragonflies, well...I HAD to get it! And it needed a companion the gold-with-bamboo was 'it'. These came from Indonesian Batiks.

As mentioned before, we visited HIGH FASHION FABRICS on Wednesday, before the quilt show opened. This is the only piece I bought! Can you believe that? I was overwhelmed.

This is a bamboo/lycra blend knit, and I think it will make a lovely top.

From Bold Over Batiks, I got this 'bundle of bungles.' It is a bundle of batiks and hand-dyed fabrics, and you can really only see what is on the buying a pig in a poke! The 'bungles'...flaws...were hardly visible to me--tiny white areas every here and there (no big deal!) I bought one.

Back at hotel, I opened the bundle to check it out. Inside, there were lots of colors! Most of the fabrics are hand-dyed, and a few are batiks...perfect! And as for 'bungles'...well, the only ones I saw were the ones on the outer fabric. I am just not as picky as they must be.

I stopped in my tracks when I came to the booth of Meg Hannon.
Her 'fabric jewels' were so unusual and so beautiful! I had to pick up a few small pieces! Be sure to visit her website to see the demonstration of how she makes this is amazing!

From Lesley Riley, I got some TAP, which is Transfer Artist Paper. You use it in your inkjet printer to do image transfer. For this show, she had packages of 5 sheets which sold for $10...I don't see those on her website.

From Wild Thymes Pattern Company, I got a VINTAGE HUES SAMPLER of Valdani threads. These are colorfast 3-strand cotton floss for punchneedle, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc. I have a punchneedle project in the works and wanted the thread for that.

From Treasures of the Gypsy, I found this rubber stamp with lots of faces. I couldn't resist. It's not that I need more faces, or couldn't draw my own...I just love stamps like this! I know...

Jennifer Zanetti had some wonderful vintage ribbons and trims and I couldn't help myself...I got these "salesman's samples" of beaded trims as well as several yards of velvet ribbon in black and beige.

From the Quilting Arts booth, I picked up a 2010 calendar, which I am sure I will year!

I also bought some beads, which I now see that I forgot to photograph! I'll have to get back to you with those images!

All in all, the only regrets I have are the things I DIDN'T buy!


Laura said...

Trish, thanks for your show and tell!! (I see you're interested in many of the crafts that I am!! Or, is it all me?!!)
I am going to the quilt show in Des Moines, Iowa this upcoming week. I can't wait! It was so awesome last year (the first time it was here). I hope they have some of those awesome things that you got, like the jewelry, paints....actually it's ALL good!!
Have fun creating!!

Trish said...

Well, Laura, I may not be interested in ALL crafts, but there sure seems to be a lot that I AM interested in!! I hope you have as good a time in Des Moines as I had in Houston! Happy hunting!

Marilyn said...

I bought some of the TAP transfer paper too from QA webstore (10% off) so what are we going to do with it????

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