Monday, March 15, 2010

Take two, continued

I forgot to give details about the 'band' that I used. I cut it 2" wide of self-fabric and folded/pressed it in half lengthwise. I cut one length for the top of the front pattern (neck edge) and another longer piece to go around the yokes and back neck.

I marked notches so that when I sewed it to the yoke edge, it would be applied 1:1. However, I found that I needed to stretch it around the neck area to keep it from sticking out.

Originally, the band was cut the same length as the total of the neck and yoke seam length, but later I reduced that length by 2", stretching the band around the back neck and just slightly on each side of the front neck.

Here you can see the inside of my top...the center front gathering was achieved using by a piece of elastic...I did a straight stitch down the middle of the elastic when it was stretched.

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