Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is that a UFO I see?

Why, yes, I believe that IS a UFO!

Only now it is 'finished'! yea!!!

This top was one of my experiments at creating a dartless pattern from my darted PMB block. I cut and sewed it several years ago, *almost* finishing...then stopping before doing the hems, thinking that I would wait until I bought a coverstitch machine to finish it.

I was fairly certain I was gonna buy one.

And I DID buy one.

Four years ago today.
That's right...March, 2006.

I have had my coverstitch machine for 4 years.

Yet this top has remained a UFO...hanging in a sewing room closet waiting patiently.

FINALLY this week, I pulled it out to finish it!

The cut edge of this fabric tended to roll on the cross grain, making hemming challenging. So I pinned it to my ironing board and applied some Wonder Tape. It comes on a side sticks to 'whatever', then you peel off the paper to expose the other sticky side. I applied to the cut edge, then removed the paper and folded the hem and stuck it in place. THEN I took it to the coverstitch machine and ZIP, ZAP, it was done! You can stitch through Wonder washes out.

I also stitched around the neck edge. This was one of the main reasons I had waited to finish this top. I wanted the stitching in this area to stretch, but I didn't want to do a zigzag stitch on my regular sewing machine. The coverstitch LOOKS like a straight stitch (double), but it has some stretch so the stitches don't pop when it stretches to go over the head.

Ok, the stitches aren't perfectly straight, but that is my fault. I could count on ONE HAND (ok, maybe not) the number of times I have used this machine, so I am still acquiring skill!


Cut me some slack here...

Posing for pictures is so unnatural to me! I have to take a gazillion shots to get ONE that is usable...notice, I didn't say 'good'. But apparently, posing for pictures is also an acquired skill...and one that others are struggling with also.

I had to laugh when I read this post.

While I am not posing with a vacuum cleaner, I did use one today! Does that count?

Come to think of it, after viewing this movie clip that Etta sent me (after a discussion regarding a tapeworm diet), it is a wonder I am able to go near the vacuum cleaner...


Sew4Fun said...

Nice top Patricia! I bet it feels good to have it out of your sewing room. I know what you mean about posing for photos too. It's not something that comes naturally to me either. Like you I take a hundred shots just to find one that's ok, and shows the garment in it's best light. The things we do. :)

Joyce in NC said...

I love your new top. I also purchased a cover stitch machine and I haven't done much with it.

Trish said...

Thanks, ladies! Yes, it feels good to finish this UFO, but now the weather has turned too warm to wear it! That figures... :)
Joyce, you will love your coverstitch machine when you DO use it!

Debbie Soles said...

Miss Patricia said...
"While I am not posing with a vacuum cleaner, I did use one today! Does that count?"

Miss Debbie says...nope, now way does NOT count unless you were vacuuming my house!:) So try again darling!:)

Now why does that knit top look familiar to me?..hmmm!

My productive sewing day yesterday...spray painted ONE big snap! Had the best of intentions though!


Trish said...

Debbie, have you been peeking into my sewing room closet? :)
At least the snap is done now, and you can move forward! ANY progress is still progress!

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