Friday, March 5, 2010

The Actual Quilting

Before I took my 'repetitive consequences' quilt to the guild meeting last week, I took some pictures of the quilt designs using NO flash. I get better images of the stitching without a flash, although the colors are somewhat less 'true'.

I tried to use organic vines and roots and rocks and flowers and and roots near the bottom morph into vines and leaves nearer the top. The upper area has flowers, peas, bubbles, and even one block with clouds and stars.

This is the upper left corner, going down the LEFT side.
I used a 'seaweed' type of design on a couple of these right 'warp' blocks from top to bottom.
Some of the 'weft' blocks, have viney designs regardless of whether they were nearer the ground or closer to the sky!

Vines and seaweed on the right.

A row of 'rocks' is used on the 'weft' blocks across the lower area.

---lower left corner.
Roots and rocks in red (earth?).

This is the lower RIGHT side, and the following pictures move up the right side of the quilt...basically going counter clockwise around the rectangular quilt.

Roots and rocks in blue (water?)

Moving up the right side of the quilt.
Roots become remain...

Right side nearer the top...water and vines and bamboo.

This is the upper RIGHT side.

I am still learning to do free-motion quilting. Sometimes the machine goes where I want it to, and sometimes it doesn't.
Ditto the camera...this one is a bit blurred!
Anyway, this is a close up view!


Marilyn said...

Fabulous!!!! This quilt is so amazing and your process makes me like it even better.

ettam said...

okay, I'm getting the handi- quilter out and I want you to give me lessons on how to use it! The quilting definitely enhances the overall design and the thought that you put into the motifs and their placement is evident. Beautiful!

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