Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Progress

Since I haven't been whining each day about my quilting problems, you probably figured out that I was busily stitching!


I am using a size 18 needle.

There is still some poke-through of the batting to the backside, as seen here, but I will have to live with that.

I am ready to cut and apply the binding. After that, I'll be able to toss this whole thing into the washer, to wash away the markings I drew with the wash-away marker, and also, to see if I can resolve the earlier problem where my indigo fabric bled onto the adjacent goldenrod fabric. I bought some COLOR CATCHER to throw into the wash and I am hoping that will prevent the excess dye from settling where it shouldn't.

I am not sure what is causing the batting to poke-through.
  • The batting is Warm and White.
  • I did use the (previously mentioned) basting spray to hold the layers together, and...
  • I am using the size 18 needle. The larger needle is needed to penetrate the batiks on the face, but the backing fabric is not tightly woven like the batiks. Perhaps that is the problem...perhaps the backing needs to be more similar to the face fabric!

In any event, I am hoping that everything will come out in the wash...that the little specks of batting will 'disappear' from the back, the blue lines will disappear, and the indigo bleed will be a thing of the past!


Marilyn said...

I'm thinking your quilt is going to be fabulous. And you whine all you want. Can't wait to see the finished "product".

LizA. said...

If you haven't washed it yet, go get some Synthrapol first. Wash it with that! It will help WAY more than those color catchers. I had something that bled like that and the Synthrapol took it right out. A lot of quilt stores carry it.

Trish said...

Egad!!! uh oh!
I didn't see your comment until AFTER I tossed it into the washer! It is now on an additional rinse and spin cycle with 4 new color catcher sheets...the first 3 sheets were completely blue! This is my first experience with these color catchers. I will DEFINITELY have to pick up some Synthrapol, though...thanks for the suggestion.

FiberAntics said...

What size thread are you using to quilt with? Use the smallest needle size that the thread will fit through. This may help with the peep-through.

For batiks, I use a Sharp needle. It has a very sharp point (thus the name) to penetrate the tightly woven batik cottons. FYI--I machine quilt on my domestic sewing machine. Maybe the needle types are different for what you are using.

Can't wait to see you finished piece!

Trish said...

Veronica, thanks for the tips! My thread is size 50 cotton. Today I did some quilting with a size 70 needle and still got some poke through, so I really think this backing is just too thin (read: cheap!). I will try the sharps!

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