Monday, January 31, 2011

It's in the washer!

Today I finished hand-sewing the binding on the challenge quilt.

I tossed it into the washing machine along with 3 Color Catcher sheets.

It is VERY nerve-wracking to watch all your hard work being sprayed with soapy water and being forcibly tumbled around the drum! I cannot help but wonder what condition this will be in when it comes out!

Half-way through the cycle, I looked inside to find that the color catchers were completely blue! Oh dear...I should have used more. MANY more! But it is in the rinse cycle I will wait until it is finished and perhaps do another rinse~n~spin with a few more color catchers in there...then I'll take it out for drying/blocking.

Cross your fingers! (Yikes!!!)


Marilyn said...

I live in anticipation with you. I just know that quilt will be the most fabulous thing ever created by a human. Please keep us updated!

shades said...

What is a color catcher sheet? Do they help with colors that bleed?

shades said...

brave girl. I always hate that stage of my projects. What is a color catcher sheet? Where do you get them?
-Paula Kovarik

Trish said...

Paula, these 'color catchers' are made by SHOUT (sc Johnson and co)and are available in the grocery store...with the laundry supplies.

This was my first time to use them.

The package says:
Allows Mixed Washes
Prevents Color Runs

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