Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love Letter to Liz

a.k.a. 'Hooray, My Quilting Has Improved!

A big thanks to Liz A. for all the tips and advice she has offered.

While I cannot undo the spray basting on this one, I will NOT use it on the next one.

But her best advice for me was the "permission" to use a size 18 needle!

I would NEVER have seriously considered this, as it just seems too big...I rarely use a 16, let alone an 18. I didn't even have any!

I ran out today and got a pack of 18's...although they aren't titanium (I don't think they are, anyway) but they are "universal". I popped one in and started sewing.

Things went just fine.
I kept waiting for the thread to pop...nothing.
Then I got into the thick area where the seam allowances are.
There was a slightly different sound, but the stitches held...NO SKIPPING!!!
I am blown away!
And so happy!

1 comment:

LizA. said...

You are quite welcome. It's the least I could do after all the garment sewing advice you and Debbie have helped me with...

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