Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas sewing

This weekend, I did some quick and dirty sewing...the kind that is really the most fun! No worries about finishing seams or even maintaining a consistant seam allowance. Just cut and sew fast!

DH gives a few Christmas gifts at work and this year he purchased gift cards. As in the past, he was counting on me for gift wrap. The gift cards came in cardboard packaging, so they were bigger than just the treasure boxes I made before would not be large enough.

What about a little stocking? That should work.

I drew a stocking shape on some thick paper, making it just barely larger than the card package. Then I pulled some fabrics from the stash and began cutting.

To make these, you should cut the LINING taller/longer than the STOCKING...mine was about 1.5" longer. I used different fabrics for LINING and STOCKING.

Lay 2 LINING pieces right sides together.

Insert a loop for hanging and pin in place. I used a 6" length of ribbon and placed in the upper back seam of the lining, about 2" from the cut edge, so it would be below the folded cuff.

Lay 2 STOCKING pieces right sides together. Stack these 2 STOCKING pieces on top of the LINING pieces.

Sew through all layers around the stocking.

Trim/clip as needed. If you only use a 1/8" seam allowance, this is not needed.

Put your fingers between the 2 STOCKING layers to turn this right side out, which pulls the LINING into the STOCKING.

Fold down the LINING extension to form a cuff. You can finish the raw edge if desired...or you can pull a few threads to make it ravel. Or just leave it as a cut edge!

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Sew4Fun said...

Fabulous idea Patricia! I bought a lot of gift cards this year. I just might pinch this idea if I can find the time.

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