Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kimono Ornaments

Recently, our sewing guild had its annual Christmas party. Just for fun, we made these cute little kimono ornaments. They were quick and easy...here's how we did it!

Cut your Feature Fabric (FF) 3 ¾” x 10 ½". This will be the outside of the Kimono.

Cut your Accent Fabric (AF) 4 ¼” x 10 ½”. This is the lining and trim.

1. Put FF onto AF, right sides together,and sew along the 2 long sides w/ ¼” s.a.
2. Finger-press s.a.s toward center w/equal amounts of AF on each side beyond seam, then...
3. Stitch across this one short end & turn right side out; Press.

Now comes the folding...this is easiest if you remember- the WIDER piece is the lining!!!

Using starch with your iron will give you crisper folds...just don't burn your fingers!

4. Fold the unstitched end (toward the AF) ~ 3/8” twice to hide the raw edge and form collar.
5. Turn over. Locate center of folded edge and Fold collars diagonally to form a point at center.
6. Fold bottom (stitched end) up ~ 2” to form shoulder/sleeves. Press.
7. Fold lower edge backwards until the previous fold meets the bottom edge of the collar in back-this forms shoulders. Press.
8. Locate center of lower edge and Fold both sides in to meet. Press below sleeve level.
9. Open out the 2” sleeve and form a triangle/fold at shoulder; tuck under collar points; Press.
10. Finish with an 8” ribbon tied at waist.
11. Make a hanger by attaching a loop to the back or attaching a toothpick & loop to the back.

I used some soft wire to make some quick and dirty hangers...just put on a few beads and made a few loops.

However, I have decided these would make really cute tags for gifts, so adding a ribbon to the top of the collar is a great way to tie one on!


Marilyn said...

So cute. I got hold hold of some nice silk pieces and hope to have some of these made in the next few days. Complete with tiny hangers too.

etta said...

Thanks for teaching us these cute and easy kimonos. I made a couple more for little ornaments.

Christine Knox said...

I cannot figure out these folding instructions at all. I sure wish there were step by step pictures. I'm trying to make this as a gift for a Chinese friend for Christmas...don't think that's going to happen. :>(
Any chance you can explain this in more detail?

Trish said...

Christine, the AF...Accent Fabric...is the lining. It is the larger fabric and forms the little strip at the edges of the main...Fashion Fabric (FF).
I am sorry you don't understand my instructions...perhaps try it with paper first!

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