Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have been taking some good-natured ribbing about the lack of activity on my blog.

People are tired of dropping by and seeing that big green worm.

I know.

I had good intentions, but somehow they got derailed.

Remember that jacket that I was working on? Well, my goal was to continue posting about that, so I was holding off on other stuff. But the jacket became so underwhelming to me that I put it on the dress form and ignored it. It is almost finished...just need to put cuffs on the sleeves! But... HO, HUM. I was so bored with it.

So there I limbo. Knowing that the next posts SHOULD be about the jacket, but not really wanted to mess with it. So NOTHNG was posted.

And I have had a fun several months!

In October, I took a little day trip with my sewing guild to Paducah, KY, where we visited the AQS Quilt Museum as well as the studio of quilt artist Caryl Bryer Fallert. Lots of fun, lots of pictures....but no blog post.

In November, I had several quilts displayed in a local show at the Davies Plantation...again, no blog post.

Now it is nearly Christmas... I will try to do better.
Thanks for reading...if you are!

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