Saturday, March 5, 2011

Square Peg, Round Hole, part 2

I narrowed down my fabric selection to just these fabrics. Yes, there was still SOME variation in value within many of these, but I was hoping that in the end, the fabrics would read as being the same as my crayon colors.

I cut graduated chunks of each color as I wanted them to appear in the expanding checkerboard, and used hair clips to bundle these chunks together in order.

When unbundled, below is how the fabric looked when layed out in the order to be sewn. I call these 'chunks' because they were not always squares...some were the same length as width, but some were not.

When sewing these together, I just matched the center of each square to its neighbor's center, but since each one was larger than the one before it, the edges do not match along the sides.

After pressing the assembled sets, I used a 9-degree ruler to trim each set into a wedge. As you can see, there was very little wasted fabric.

Still fretting over some of my fabric choices, I was aware that there were some blue dots in one fabric that might be interpretted as a little too 'turquois'...and NOT as I used a permanent marker to color these dots purple, which was my complementary color choice.

After cutting all 40 wedges to size and coloring in all mis-colored dots, I was ready to assemble the wedges into a checkerboard. I layed them all out on my cutting table and just picked them up two at a time and sewed them in order.

Once all the wedges were connected, I 'squared' off the corner using my rotary cutter and ruler. Again, you can see that there was very little waste. That was by design!

Next I slipped a solid(-ish) fabric under the edge of this part-circle and drew around the outer edge of the checkerboard. Then I drew another line that was 0.5" away from this first line and cut on that line...this gave me enough extra fabric for 2 seam allowances. Then I pinned and sewed this checkerboard to the solid background, which was also trimmed to size.
Next, I added the borders...


Marilyn said...

Patricia, do you think maybe it was the marker that faded onto the yellow fabric. Give me the paper towel with the dots from re coloring your fabric!

Trish said...

Marilyn, no, it was definitely the indigo fabric that was used as the FIRST section in every other wedge. The seam allowances between the wedges were all pressed one direction, so on one side of each of the first yellow squares, there was a seam allowance underneath that included some of the indigo fabric. THAT was the worst part...there was actually some blue fabric UNDER each of the yellow squares! That made the bleeding worse than what might happen with two adjacent colors. The excess dye didn't have to cross a seam...just seep up from beneath!

Trish said...

Oh! I'll have to see if I still have the paper towel...might have tossed it! :)

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