Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Square Peg, Round Hole

Today is the day...the challenge quilts were presented and voted on, to decide WHICH 8 quilts would represent our guild at the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge in Knoxville. And once again, my quilt was chosen! Yea!!!

I even won a prize for Viewer's Choice:
this lovely crayon toothbrush set! :)

As you may remember, we blindly chose 3 crayons, which would determine the colors for our quilt. We could also use black, plus the complementary color of any ONE of our crayons, for a total of 5 colors.

My crayon colors were:

Goldenrod (light)

Tumbleweed (medium)

Indigo (dark)

As a complement, I chose Purple.

I decided on an expanding checkerboard design, with a twist.

This is my challenge quilt, 'Square Peg, Round Hole'.

Yes, that is a broom handle and duct tape loops that are holding it up!

Ok, so maybe quilt display is not my best skill...

The challenge rules stated that the quilt HAD to have at least one bead or button as embellishment.

So I put a single bead on a gold ring.

And I put this gold ring through my square peg.

To add a bit of texture, I also did a series of French knots around the outer area of the 'round hole'.

I couched on some sparkly black thread over all the seams.

I'll go into more detail in my next post, and show you how I made this quilt.

Jeanie Velarde made the participation ribbons...isn't this cute?


Marilyn said...

You forgot to mention that also won Viewer's Choice! By a mile!! I love this quilt and really enjoyed being there for "the process"

Marilyn said...

DUH!! I must need more coffee. It's right in the first paragraph with the photo of your prize. You will not hurt my feelings if you delete these posts. Just let me know when so I can write some better ones.

Nysha said...

Brilliant! I will have to 'borrow' the dimensional 'nipple' idea! Yeah BORROW!

Trish said...

Thanks. I also plan to do more of this dimensional work...I really like the idea, as well as the result. Just not sure HOW far I can go and still have the work be within the parameters of the shows!

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