Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow day

Yesterday we were once again beset by accumulating snowfall, an event which is not all that common here in southwest Tennessee...although this year has NOT be the norm! Like much of the rest of the country, we seem to be getting more than our usual flurries!

I generally stay home when it snows, as we don't have snow plows here...the snow melts and refreezes on the streets, making driving an unofficial demolition derby.
I am not into that.

I have been spending my snow days cleaning up my sewing room! Earlier this week, I finished the challenge quilt...well, all but putting the label on I figured this was a good time to clean up before I started any new projects. I have accumulated mulitple 'piles' of stuff on every horizontal surface...including the floor! This is NOT conducive to creativity!!!

But as is typical of my projects, this one has grown beyond the initial scope. As I look for places to put the 'can't-do-without' stuff that has been piled up in the room, I find myself also reorganizing closets and cabinets, deciding what I can give away to make room for those other 'precious' things. It's a vicious circle! Clear off the table, then immediately cover it with more stuff! I hate looking in there!

I am making progress, though! I went through all my old patterns (self-drafted with PMB) and tossed out MANY that I know I will never make again. This alone made a huge difference, and was really the goal when this began! I had patterns hanging on the outside of the closet door, because the inside was already so full! I have whittled the pattern supply down to a manageable number, and now they ALL fit inside the closet! Yea! They generally hang on the inside of the closet door, as you can see in this picture. When the door is closed, you don't see them. That's the way...uh huh, uh huh...I like it...uh huh, uh huh!

I'm also sorting through various other crafting projects, trying to decide which should remain in the sewing room and which could live elsewhere. But this means I am opening closets in OTHER rooms, looking for available space. And oh, how distracting that is! After a few minutes, I realize I am now cleaning out a close in a different room! That is NOT today's task...I must focus!!!

One of the things I really need is book/magazine storage. I have lots of those piled up around, and have still not quite decided how I will organize and store those. I have some ideas, but am still thinking. I intend to do some remodelling in this room and put built-in cabinets in the front knee-wall between the dormers (left of treadmill in this picture--not shown), which will help. But that isn't done yet and I need to find adequate storage in the meantime.

Well, break time is over...I better get back to it!

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