Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trash Bag Quilting, done

"If you are a perfectionist, this is NOT the class for you," I heard her say. Oh dear. I sucked air between my teeth and several around me looked at me and grinned.

I have done my best to 'loosen up'...

Ok, maybe not my best, as I DID create a landscape, which is certainly not as 'loose' as one might get with this technique. But I tried.

I have now finished the stitching on this and trimmed it around the edges. It is ready to be backed and bound. Yep, that's right...the quilting is done BEFORE the backing is put on. Odd, eh?

I DID use the dragonfly. I agonized over that decision, and actually saved the 'sky' area for last, so I could change my mind if I desired. At one point, I decided definitely NOT to use it...then promptly changed my mind again!

Anyway, it is done. I don't know if you can see the stitching in the picture or not. I'll put some close-ups at the end, so you can see how bad my stitching is! Don't judge me. :)

I started my stitching on the ground areas on the right side using black thread and HATED IT. I changed to a brown thread for the left side...immediate improvement. So I spent the next few HOURS ripping out the black thread. Ok, maybe it wasn't hours, but it seemed like it. When ripping on tulle, one has to be VERY careful!

I had to rip other areas, too. I tried using a zigzag in the treetops, but it pulled up way too much bobbin thread, even with a loosened upper tension, so I had to rip. For the sky, I had chosen a lovely light greenish blue thread, but after stitching a little, it read as I ripped.

Being a perfectionist doesn't mean I get everything perfect...far from it! It just means I agonize over every single little detail!!!

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Sew4Fun said...

Wow, it's spectacular! I personally think the dragonfly was the right decision. For me it really makes the quilt. Helps to focus the eye.

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