Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quietly busy

In spite of the lack of commentation on my blog, I *have* been working on things!

I had LOTS of fabric left over after making the quilt for the Repetitive Consequences challenge. I had collected many different pieces in order to get a large variety...so now I have a large variety of leftovers!

But never fear; these leftovers are not going to waste. I have another 3 quilts in progress, in addition to the little color-story piece that was made BEFORE the challenge! Two of these are assembled and ready to load onto the HandiQuilter for quilting. The other one is still in the piecing stage.

Addtionally, my local sewing guild has issued a JACKET CHALLENGE for September...which means *I* need to have a new jacket completed to bring to that meeting. The deadline is the 2nd Thursday of September, and I have yet to begin!

Today, I have been looking at jacket styles, trying to decide what *I* would like to make and wear. Those are both key...I have to want to MAKE this thing, and when finished, I need to want to WEAR it too! I have spent way too much time making things that I don't want to wear after they are completed...I need to stop that.

My best look is a low V-neck, but I am not crazy about making a 'formal' jacket (like, with a lapel), as I am more of a sporty-type. I dress casually most of the time, so my jacket needs to be somewhat casual, too. Loose...unconstructed? Well, I am busty and kinda boxy...an H shape...so things need to have a more structured shape or I look like Spongebob.

I am thinking a Chanel jacket might be the way to go. I have fabrics that I could use...although I am not sure I have the lining fabrics on hand. I have never done one before, but have often CONSIDERED doinng one. It seems like a good idea.

Then I saw THIS.

Now I am not sure.

Right there in black and white, she shows a Chanel jacket on the the WHAT NOT TO WEAR page for H's!!!

Maybe if I leave off the pockets at waist level that style will be ok on me?


Laura said...

Hi Trish!! I enjoy seeing what you're doing! With your quilting, PMB/sewing, other crafts....I feel like a kindred spirit!!
Re: jackets. I'm a similar shape as you. A couple years ago I bought a jean jacket from CJBanks. It's somewhat of a shoulder princess "upper" jacket that is peplum-ish on the waistline. The waistline is raised a couple inches, tho' not totally empire. It is a very flattering thing. I noticed that it would be a great design for quilted jackets and you could "hide" a dartline pretty well. I made mine in PMB and also used the pattern editor. I haven't made the actual jacket yet, but just a muslin.
Anyways, just a thought! Have fun figuring it all out!
I enjoy reading about your quest for the "perfect" fit in your tops! I think I've finally solved my back upper back width challenge. I manually add about 1/2" to the back armscye beginning about 1/2 way down from the shoulder point and gradually ending at the sideseam. The shape ends up being almost no curve compared to what was drafted. MUCH more comfortable!! (I wish there was a PMB setting to automatically add ease in that area, but I guess I can just do it myself!!)

Trish said...

Laura, I would love to see a photo of your jacket, or even a line drawing, as it DOES sound neat!

And congrats on winning the upgrade to PMB5!!! :)

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