Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving the potting bench

My forearms are SO bruised! I look like I have been man-handled! We’ve been having trouble with our cable tv, so the repairman has come out the last two days. The outside connection box is directly behind my potting bench, a huge heavy wooden piece that I built years ago when the kids outgrew their tree fort (we disassembled the tree fort and reused the lumber in various ways, including making this potting bench). Well, when the cable guy comes, I always have to help him move the potting bench away from the house so he could get to the connection box. Because the bench’s frame is recessed at the sides, lifting and carrying it causes the edge of the top surface to rest (heavily) on my forearms…which bruises them in no time!

The guy who came yesterday was not able to solve the signal problem, so I knew I’d have to go through this bench-moving again today. So, first thing this morning, I decided to clean it off, throwing away MANY old pots I had been saving, as well as metal plant identification labels (hey, if I can’t remember the plant name, who cares?!), a galvanized floral bucket as well as two other galvanized buckets (that leaked) and miscellaneous other things I had treasured enough to save, but have yet to use them in some creative way. Then, in a stroke of genious, I pulled out the red wagon…one of my favorite tools! I believe that no matter what age your kids are (or even if you have NO kids!) everyone should have a wagon. It is wonderful for moving stuff! I tilted and dragged and eventually, got the wagon under the lower shelf of the potting bench, so that I could drag/drive the wagon and thus, move the bench out of the corner of the yard, through some flower beds, under the arbor and finally, onto the patio, where I began disassembling parts of it! I decided it was silly to leave it where I had it when I have to move it several times a year (our cable seems to have problems a lot!) but it is just too large to use on the patio as-is. So I will rebuild it when I get a chance, making it less deep front-to-back, and maybe less wide, side-to-side. But today, so that it would fit UNDER the kitchen window that overlooks the patio, I removed a good bit of the upper back. I hate the design of that part, anyway! My bench was the prototype…I built and sold several others after perfecting the design…but my own bench remained the way it started out. I think I’ll change it to be more similar to the ‘improved’ designs! Here is a picture of one of the benches I made…delivered in the rain! You can see how large it is. The boards on the back of this one are vertical…mine were horizontal, and the horizontal layout didn’t look nearly as nice. I will rebuild mine to have vertical backing, but shorter.

It was nearly 2pm when I finally came inside…I had not had breakfast yet! So my sewing got a late start.

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Marilyn said...

At first glance, I thought you had mixed it up with the cable guy! I know those cable malfunctions are annoying but no need to beat on the tech from Comcast! Then I read on and am in total amazement and awe of your talent. Is there nothing you can't do?

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