Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have been sewing every day this week...muslin after muslin (test blouses). I am currently going back to a previous one which seems better than the most recent ones! Well, *almost*...that previous one DID need a few changes, but after doing subsequent blouses, I have discovered which changes are good and which are not! I can rip the most recent one and modify it to have the desired changes, although I'll have to cut a new sleeve.

The problem is...I am STILL getting binding in that front armhole!

So, tonight, I persuaded DH to measure me again...the F and B armhole depths, plus CB-to-floor, and SHP to floor....and sure enough, there was a mistake in his previous numbers!

Last time, he had said my BACK armhole depth was 6.25" (when the front measured 7.375")...and I had been totally shocked that the back ah was so much shorter than the front.

Well, turns out-- it isn't!

The back AH depth actually measures 7". That makes SO MUCH more sense! Having the F-ah be 1cm larger than the back seems acceptable...whereas having it 3cm longer just seems *wrong*, especially given that my shoulders roll forward, so the place that we are measuring TO is a bit forward (which should make the front shorter and the back longer!).

So, it looks like I will be using the DART OVERRIDE TOOL after all!

Anyway, another day, another muslin!

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