Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Checking out other blogs

I was doing some blog reading today and followed this link. When I realized it was a video and not an art quilt, I *almost* hit the back button...but instead, I watched the short video. I am SO glad I did! It is amazing! The sewing...the blowing hair...well, you have to see it to appreciate it.

I also read where Shannon was talking about taking biotin to strengthen her splitting nails. I think I have some of that stuff around here somewhere...I had gotten that tip once before, and apparently forgotten it! I need to pull that out and start taking it again, as I have one nail that insists on splitting vertically as soon as it grows past the nail bed! Thanks for the reminder!

I am always amazed at the 'fashion recall' of Erica B. It seems that she just looks at a pattern and remembers that she has seen the design on the runway (or on the First Lady!). That jacket she made last week is precious!

Being a new quilter, I am always happy to find tutorials, like the ones Carla puts on her blog. She is so generous with her tutorials...I want to try that freeform beading, too!

Speaking of quilting...I AM still working on the Blue River Quilt, but the progress is very slow. I am beading it now...and I am NOT known for my speedy handwork! Ok, I am pretty much derided for my LACK of speed!

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