Thursday, June 11, 2009

What was 'next' was mostly outside!

Not a ton of sewing going on this week. I am looking into fixing a lab coat for DS, but not a whole lot else!

We got a new roof last week. Thankfully, the roofers were as considerate as possible to the landscape. Even the little house got a new roof! The whole thing looks lots better.You can see that I have not yet started my process of "gardening by subtraction" out front! Those are azaleas in that berm, surrounding a young dogwood tree. They are WAY too large, and will eventually be pruned back. That pruning should have already been done, but HEY! I've been busy!

The loripetalum in the back were pruned to within an inch of their life! Fortunately they didn't die...both are showing signs of new growth! These bushes were over 5 feet tall and equally wide...just way too large for the area! I will try to keep them small...
Also last week, I filled in a spot in the concrete walkway out back. The place where these two paths converged was a sharp 'Y'...and if you were walking up the path in the foreground and planned to turn RIGHT, you had to first go slightly left. This was because these paths are actually dry creeks that funnel rain water through the property...but I decided the water will STILL flow just fine if I fill in that area to make walking easier! So I dug out the dwarf mondo and LOTS of soloman's seal that grew in the 'point' and dug out the ground and poured some new stones to fill in. You can see the difference in the old and new concrete now (the new stuff looks slightly pink in these pics) but eventually it will blend. after the concrete was dry, I split the mondo and replanted a little around the edge, along with some impatience, which is tiny now, but will grow.
The concrete didn't do very well...the Readymix apparently didn't have enough 'cement' in it, so a couple of the cobblestones cracked right away when walked on (the next day and the day after that, when they should have been fully 'cured')...but I'll deal with that another day (there are other cracked stones that perform just fine).
There is a hosta in a bag sitting on top of the pot to the left...I will plant it IN that pot when I get around to it! There is also a larger hosta in another bag to the right...I transplanted several of these large plants and this one is leftover. I have a hard time just throwing away good plants...hopefully I can find it a home with someone!
The squirrels keep diggin up the plants in that pot!
Below is an area (which is right across the path from the previous area!) where I had to dig out invading monkey grass! I had originally planted a small clump of Silver Dragon, a white monkey grass, in the curve of that bed. But it began to spread and mutate...changing into the all-green variety that is taller and invasive.. It spread farther and farther into the pachysandra. Last year we used Roundup to try to kill it, but it came right back. So this year, I dug it up...each piece, each underground runner, each root....then replanted the pachysandra to fill in the area (where it is thin). I am sure I must have missed some of the roots (which will come back to haunt me, I know!) but I'll try the Roundup again on any repeat offenders.
My gardenia is blooming!!! Hooray! And it smells wonderful!

I like to pick the blooms and bring inside, because they don't last long outside in the heat. Plus, who's out there to appreciate them? Not I!

I put a few gardenias in cups in the sugar mold that my DSisIL gave me for my birthday. I have soem votive holders that fit perfectly in the holes of the sugar mold. When the new Dawn rose was blooming earlier, I also brought them inside and did the same:

This time, I had enough blooms to fill several vases, in addition to what I put in the sugar mold!

I won't leave these all together...better to spread the scent around the house!

I put one vase in the downstairs powder room--

--and one on the table in the den...

And the small one went on the buffet in the dining room.
If you look closely, you'll see the little pipe-cleaner doll I made today at sewing guild...he is hanging on the lamp post! Remember "art school Dave" that I made back in early December? Well, this one is kinda like that one. In fact, I have made several of these...

...currently, they are all 'hanging around' in the dining room! They are swinging from the chandelier as if it is their own private playground.

Another thing I like to pick in the garden and bring indoors is MINT. I grow spearment and although it IS invasive, I do my best to keep it corralled. I pick a few stems and bring them inside, placing them in a small test-tube-like vase that hangs from a suction cup on an old shaving mirror over my kitchen sink. I pick the leaves off one at a time, to use in my tea!

Speaking of tea...I think I'll say goodbye now and go have a cup!


Sew4Fun said...

Your garden is so beautiful and has so much character. It's very inviting. I love the pipe cleaner characters too. Very whimiscal.

Marilyn said...

When you are feeling better and I see you again, I'd like to give that hosta a good home. I'm about to go to war with the monkey grass too. It's going to Covington --a nice family in the country, ya know. Really! MY sil wants it.

Trish said...

Hooray! That hosta would love to come and live at your house!!!
I hope the sil who is getting the monkey grass KNOWS what she is getting into! At least it isn't bamboo...

pamelac858 said...

Gardenias!!! You're makin' me sick, girl! the house and yard is gorgeous - makes me homesick for MY house I sold when I moved here. I used to have a gardenia in the sewing/laundry room that perfumed the entire house when it bloomed. Now I struggle to keep the one I have alive.

ettam said...

Is there anything you can't do??!! Your home, your yard, your sewing, your instructions and your strawberry cake are just perfection. I just look on in awe!

Trish said...

Etta, pleeeease! This from the gal who makes fabulous chile rellenos AND, who is *ON* *THE* *COVER* of BELLE ARMOIRE magazine this month! I'd say you give me a run for my money any day! (and win!)

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