Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just for fun

On Mondays, I generally go to a local community center to meet with a bunch of like-minded ladies who sew. We work on whatever we, individually, are working on at the time. At first, I thought this was a 'Fiber Arts' group...then I decided it was a 'Quilting' group...but really, I am not sure WHAT to call this group! You just never know what we'll be working on. This week was no exception. Etta McFarland had promised to show us how to make tiny beaded fairies and she didn't disappoint...although she did threaten to! She is working on an outfit for competition at Paducah, so was not mentally fired-up about beading. But after a brief period of visiting, she got into the mood and the lesson began!

<<< Here is my finished Fairy. She has blue hair and a blue dress. I wish I had included my hand or something in the picture to show the scale of this...Can you say "tiny'???!!! She is less than 2" tall and 1" wide.

I plan to make lots more of these, once I get the right beads (Etta furnished these). I think I'll hang her from the pull chain of my ceiling fan. Maybe I should make them for ALL the fans in the house! We have lots...this IS the South, you know!

After we made the fairies, we persuaded Etta to show us how to make these silly pipecleaner dolls. They are quick and fun and could be used for lots of things.
Here is mine.>.>.>.>
I called him 'art school Dave'...I made him to give to my uncle David, as it was his birthday and we would be meeting him for a surprise dinner later that night.

I can see making these silly little fun guys to put on the Christmas tree!

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