Sunday, June 16, 2013

A visit to a quilt show...

...or what I did on my Summer vacation!

This was the second year of the International Quilt Festival Of Ireland and I made the over-sea journey to attend. This was my first time to cross the first stamp on my new passport!

Ireland was green and lush, yet the trees were not tall like here in the U.S.A.  I guess when you live on an island, the trees are needed for wood which would be expensive to import.

Farmers are required to leave a little land undisturbed at the edges of their fields for the wildlife.

Aren't these 'fahans' interesting?  Little beehive-like structures that folks actually lived in many years ago!  I suspect they did little more than take shelter there, as they were so tiny!

And what is a trip to Ireland without a visit to Blarney Castle?  You can bet I went inside, but I did NOT kiss that stone...although I took photos for others who chose to kiss it.  No, I am a bit more selective about what touches MY lips!

In Wicklow County, we visited the oldest mill in Ireland...Avoca. 

Inside, the mill was a hub of activity, with workers performing a specific task in each area.  This man demonstrated weaving by hand...pulling the cord to force a shuttle back and forth.  It was kinda awesome!

But this IS a sewing blog, after all!  I should talk about sewing...

The quilts at the IQFOI were displayed in unusual ways, by design.  That is part of what makes this show different from all the others.  The "I Believe" exhibit was in a church.  Actually, the first time we went to see it, we had to leave as there was a WEDDING about to start!  We went back the next day, just as MASS was beginning!  Finally, our third visit was successful and we were able to see all the quilts as well as the magnificient cathedral!

In the "Under the Sea" exhibit, they had created atmosphere by using shells, fishes,, treasure chests, blue lights, etc, to give the illusion of being in the ocean.

In the "Spirit Rising" exhibit, there were trees, rocks and spa-like music to provide a tranquil environment.
Etta (McFarland) and I had a great time, both at the quilt show AND touring the country!

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