Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Project, part two

This is how the quilt looked after all the blocks were sewn together.

Some people who saw it thought it was a sunset...some thought it was mountains out west.

I am calling it "My Place or Yours".

I wanted to add a band of flying geese across the upper part. So I layed a piece of exam table over the quilt and drew a curve, erasing and redrawing until I got it to suit me. Then I removed the quilt and refined the curve, adding a second line to form the other edge. I added vertical sections and drew in triangles...geese.

Then I cut this into manageable sections and began paper piecing.

The narrow sections were the hardest, as the pieces were so small. Who thought this was a good idea? Hmmmm...yep, that would be me. sigh.

The wider areas went fast and were no problem.

After seveal days of working on this (on and off) the string of geese was complete!

Now it was time to trim the edges and remove the paper from the back...always fun!

I pinned the geese to the quilt top, auditioning fabrics to use along the edge. Initially, my plan was to put a narrow piping along the edge of the geese...this would make it easier to attacch to the base. I decided on a dark red/maroon fabric and cut a strip, slipping in behind the geese. Here it is only on one side, either the top or the bottom, depending on the curve, and it doesn't really go across the whole thing (it is just a sample).

I tried putting the strip along BOTH edges of the geese (far right).

This went on for hours...on with the strip of dark with the strip...moving it here or there. Eventually, I decided I really preferred the geese WITHOUT the strip, so no piping will be added. That will make application a little tougher, but I can do it.

The bottom edge is NOT square but is a ~ (only backwards!). I did that on purpose, but will probably need to add a strip of temporary fabric to the bottom so I can square it off so that I can load it onto the quilting frame to quilt!


BJ in TX said...

Wow! You are even more creative (and talented) than I thought you were!!! This is just beautiful.

Marilyn said...

Where have I been? Why have you not brought this to Monday thing? It is way cool!

Trish said...

Thanks, BJ! I am enjoying working on this one.

Trish said...

Thanks, Marilyn! It's been loaded on the quilt frame for several weeks now, so it hasn't traveled lately.

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