Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sneak peak

I have been working on a new pattern lately. It is a bit more complicated than my usual fare...my DD refers to it as my 'origami dress'. Here is a pattern picture:

The two sets of pieces on the right are the lining and facing pieces...I haven't yet decided if they will be used as is. I am thinking the facing...an all-in-one...will be fashion fabric, and the lining will be bemberg rayon (I hope).

My fashion fabric is from the stash...a mystery fabric that was in a collection I obtained from a garage sale several years ago. But the entire collection was good stuff...lots of silks and wools...so I am pretty sure this is 'good', too. I suspect it is a cotton and silk blend.

Today I printed the front and back patterns. I began assembling the front pattern...which took 20 sheets of paper to print! At first , the assembly went fairly well, but gradually, the registration marks began to be further and further 'off'...and by the time I got to the last column, it was nearly 1/4" longer than the first one! Needless to say, I was sorry I had used glue...I had to pull the sheets apart and start again, trying to 'make it work'!

I have been using PATTERNMASTER BOUTIQUE by Wild Ginger for over 10 years, so I am not new to pattern assembly. And I have had this same printer for most (if not ALL) of that time! Every now and then, it happens...usually when there are LOTS of pages to be printed.

I am using Windows 7 these days. I had installed PMB4 on my computer while using Vista, then installed it again when Windows 7 was loaded. That used up BOTH of my installation keys for PMB4...you are only allowed to load it twice. But I also now have a 'virtual computer' (loaded on Windows 7) that runs in XP mode, so I need to uninstall the PMB4 version that is loaded on the drive that uses Vista so I can get a new key...then I can load it on the 'virtual computer' and run PMB4 in XP mode, so that, HOPEFULLY, I will once again be able to print my patterns on banner paper. The printer drivers for the newer operatings systems don't support the 'banner' printing option, even though the printer is capable! Duh...I guess all the new printers are more geared towards photo printing.

But I used to print on banner paper and it was SOOOO much easier and quicker. When this pattern assembly messed up today, I was once again reminded that I REALLY SHOULD move that to the top of my to-do list!


theoldladysews said...

I can't wait to see this dress. It looks so interesting. I have thought about getting that software. Is this dress from that software? I couldn't tell from your commentary.

Trish said...

Hi there, theoldladysews!! Love your name... :)

>>>Is this dress from that software?<<<

Well, yes and no. I DID use the software to create the basic dress, but the pleating is the result of my own pattern manipulation...which was done in the PATTERN EDITOR portion of the software. So I did create it with my software, but this is not a style that is an available option. It is a 'custom' creation!

theoldladysews said...

I am so impressed! I can't wait to see it. My daughters keep wanting me to recreate ready to wear or alter patterns. Maybe I will look at that software. So looking forward to seeing your dress!

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