Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Modifying the quilting foot

Another 'issue' I have been working to correct is the issue of the pressure foot I use for quilting. Reading this blog has empowered me to remove the plastic section in the center of this foot that is totally blinding! I mean, what is up with that? You can't see through it worth a flip! Plus, it has a hole in it...not a slot, but a you cannot slip a thread to the back. No, you have to thread it like a needle! duh, who came up with that design? I am sure it is supposed to provide better support or something during quilting, but I am game to try it WITHOUT the plastic insert. so I popped it out! I just took it to the workshop and put it in the vise. Using a big nail and a hammer, with one pop out it came!

Well, this was thrilling, but not enough. The metal left behind still had no slot in it. The foot had a 'notch' in front, but no slot...the thread would STILL have to be threaded through this opening. So I pulled out my handy-dandy Dremel rotary tool and started grinding! I cut a slot where the notch had been, then dug around the toolbox until I found a set of jeweler's files. A little filing by hand and this foot is as smooth as a baby's bu...well, it is smooth enough for my purposes!

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