Sunday, December 27, 2009

The grey plaid skirt

This cartoon reminded me...I still haven't mentioned the skirt I made!

That's right...I recently sewed a skirt for myself! I know...will wonders never cease?

I have had this fabric for a while (ok, not 'years' but 'months'!) and I decided it was perfect for a holiday skirt.

I had a December wedding to attend and thought a sparkly grey skirt might be just the ticket!

Plus, the theme of our December sewing guild meeting was 'SKIRTING THE ISSUE' and we were supposed to make/bring some type of skirt. It could be a table skirt, bed skirt, flared skirt, whatever. So I decided that was incentive enough to make a skirt for my body!

I used PMB. I have not made many skirts with PMB so I was not certain what settings I should choose.

Turns out I need ZERO waist drops...the level waist fits me best. The perfect amount of ease is still a bit fuzzy, because I had to take this one in. I made it 24" long, and used a facing at the waist and a back, (almost!) invisible zipper. :)

The fabric is a poly/rayon blend with a little silver metalic thread in the plaid. For the lining, I used black Ambience (Bemberg Rayon) that I purchased through a fabric coop.

Here is the back of the skirt with the zipper open and the vent exposed.

With the skirt inside out, you can see the lining and facings and vent (oh my!).

Here is a close-up of the vent lining. I always have to pull out my instructions to remember how to do this, since I do it so seldom.

I created a template to use with PMB to cut away the lining on one side of the vent. It saves me the trouble of figuring it out every time I do this!

BTW, the lining hem is even in real life...I should have straightened it up on the table before taking this picture!

I love this Bemberg is so luscious against the skin!

WEll, I guess I have skirted THIS issue, eh?


Sew4Fun said...

Nice skirt! I like the fabric.

etta said...

Your skirt turned out gorgeous! Good job. There's certainly something to be said for putting it away and letting it percolate for a while.

pamelac858 said...

That's such a cute outfit, Trish! NICE!

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