Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blue River Quilt

Happy New Year!

This is what I have been working on lately, on and off. It began with the blue 'river' and has grown from there. Like the river, I paper-pieced the various leaves, trees, etc, and am now in the process of filling in the blanks between them. However, I have hit a snag. I am running out of fabric!

I obtained the fabric for this background from my friend, was some of her hand-dyed scraps from previous projects. She had given me several large ziplock bags of scraps which I sorted through, picking out the blues and greens, etc., that I could use to go with the existing river. Well, duh...the river is big! That means I need LOTS of background to put it on!

But really, I just wanted to put up a TEST post. I have been ticked off, because the recently-posted pictures on my blog are NOT showing a larger version when you click on them. My pictures DID do this in older could click on any picture for a larger image. But not lately. I cannot figure out WHAT I am doing wrong! Any hints?

Ok, see? This one WILL will show a larger image! So why won't the ones in my last few posts show larger images? I am so green.

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Marilyn said...

Patricia, your blog is WAAAAY better than mine. You have so much info and lovely visual aids. How do I get your name to come up in little blue letters on my blog?

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